Grote Prijs van NLFinalisten 2001 - Terilekst
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5. Spacekees & Terilekst – Rap Recent (mp3)

© 2000
Produced by Terilekst

Information: Terilekst made the beat in ModplugTracker (screenshot example). Super raw,
no mixing no mastering, Space & Terilekst uploaded the track somewhere in 2000 onto Napster.
After that it was also uploaded & shared by others to Kazaa, Limewire, Soulseek, mIRC, ICQ, MSN etc.

The song was physically (fit) released on “Grote prijs van Nederland – Finalisten 2001” (CD)
(Together with Opgezwolle, Raymzter, Shockwave, Lange Frans & Baas B & SistaBrotha)
Review Finale 2001 HipHopInJeSmoel 

This Youtube version below is not from 2005 (like the Title says).
It’s a ripped audiofile from DJ Krylon‘s ‘Fo Da Heads pt3‘ mixtape (CD, 2000)
(slowed down version, because of the mixing on the tape)
If you want (to hear) the original song; mp3-download link is in the title on top.

And because we are toch bezig now, there’s also this very rare remix made by
Dutch producer Master Surreal (Keynote Speakerz, Kyteman Orchestra MC)
Download is in the title below!

Spacekees & Terilekst – Rap Recent (Master Surreal Remix) (2001) (MP3)

Haha check this out. Krylon (cap), Surreal, SnelleJelle (glasses) & Spacekees.
Belgian homie Castro was also present at that gardenparty at Terilekst’ parents crib.